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Active PC Optimizer  
#1 System Speedup Optimizer Review
To maintain system stability, speed up your PC and boost up system boot time, we recommend the “No.1 System Speedup Optimizer Gold Award” winner ActivePcOptimizer from Weskysoft Inc.. With the most powerful system maintenance, error check and repair, and system recovery tools available and an easy-to-use and simple design, ActivePCOptimizer is one of the best PC system speedup software packages we have seen. With ActivePCOptimizer, you can maximize the system for the best performance. For optimal system speed, please consider ActivePcOptimizer by Weskysoft. We only review and recommend the best System Speedup Optimizer.
Why Use System Speedup Optimizer?

Too many system startup programs, low memory, desktop icons, Anti-virus software, virus and malware, etc. will make your PC run slow. Nobody should have a slow computer, so choosing the best system speedup optimizer to speed up your PC should be on your priority.

ActivePcOptimizer is designed for both PC newbie and professionals. With a few simple click your PC will run faster and smoother. The idea behind of ActivePcOptimizer is to check computer problems and fix them and speed up computer in an efficient, effective and easy way, within 3 minutes or less.
See what ActivePcOptimizer does to Speed up Your PC.
* Speed up your PC: Check and clean invald system entries to speed up your PC.

* Boost up your system boot time: Remove unwanted system startup programs to boost up your system boot time.

* Maintain system stability: Automatically back up your Windows system to maintain system stability. You can use it to restore your system when your PC crashes.

Feature Set
Active PC Optimizer searches for all types of possible problems, including: invalid paths, fonts, file types, CLSID, DLLs, sound, help files, shell extensions, AppEvents and class keys. The features should be easy to access and well organized in a logical manner.

Ease of Use
Active PC Optimizer is simple to use for computer users of all levels of expertise. Well–designed cleaning processes do not require complex, multiple steps.

Ease of Setup
This criterion rates how quickly the software installs and whether additional programs or downloads are required to get it to run at its optimal capacity.

Good customer support, provided by quality programs, offer comprehensive help options presented clearly and not littered with technical jargon. The Weskysoft Inc. also provide several methods of contact including email and online support for inquiries with useful and quick responses.

A concern many have with system repair is that altering the system will do more harm than good. If you charge ahead without helpful information from a good system management program, you can incur additional problems. Safety is paramount. Superior software imparts a high level of communication so that problems can be analyzed from a broad perspective and down to the individual error.
Active PC Optimizer

We rank ActivePcOptimizer 5 stars after we tested more than 100 kinds of system speedup optimizer. It is very effective in the field of speeding up PC systems and boosting up system boot time.

Our Ratings:

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