Why use Active PC Optimizer, but not other System Speedup Optimizer?

Ease of Use - ActivePcOptimizer is easy to use, both professionals and beginners

Convenience - Automatic scheduling makes PC maintenance effortless

Boost PC Speed - ActivePcOptimizer makes your PC run faster

Prevent Crashes - ActivePcOptimizer stops freezing, slowdowns and other PC errors

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Ease of use

It is so easy to use ActivePcOptimizer.
With a few simple clicks, my computer now runs faster.
I need an expert to tell me.
It is so difficult to use other system speedup optimizer.

Feature set

Ease of installation



View specification

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Both young and old can easily use ActivePcOptimizer.
Either young or old can't figure out how to use System Speedup Optimizer. It is annoying.


Automatic removal

Manually removal

Shows scan progress

Indicates registry



Backup registry

Now I can enjoy a faster PC.
Annoying! All my work was lost from my PC.

Individual undo

Built-in schedules

Compress/Defrags registry


Program cleaning

Clean windows add/remove software list

It is simple and easy to use.
It speeds up my PC.
It boosts up system boot time.
I love ActivePcOptimizer.
It doesn't seem that other system speedup optimizer would speed up my PC up to 800%.

Cleanup Internet Explorer

Manage/Cleanup startup programs

Checks obsolete start menu items

Scan for invalid program shortcuts

Uninstall information

Most recently used files

Registry Cleaning

Fix/Remove corrupt files

1. PC takes only 28 seconds to boot up.
2. IE takes only 2 seconds to open.
3. PC takes only 3 seconds to shut down.
4. Programs take only 20 seconds to open.
My PC still runs slow though I optimize it several times using many system speedup optimizer.

Deletes empty registry keys

Checks for hidden traces of installed software

Checks invalid class keys

Checks shell extension

Checks invalid help files

Checks invalid shared/known DLLs

Checks Com/ActiveX

Checks sound and app

Checks invalid paths

Checks application path

Checks invalid fonts

Checks invalid file types

Checks invalid extensions

Checks invalid entries

Checks shared folders

Supported Configurations

Windows 7 




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