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 Have trouble to activate ActivePcOptimizer.
What does ActivePcOptimizer do?
• Will ActivePcOptimizer make a difference?
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ActivePcOptimizer - FAQs
Have trouble to activate ActivePcOptimizer.
You are here because you have trouble to activate ActivePcOptimizer. Here we will display the possible reasons for you to check.
1. Wrong serial number or order email address
If you receive this message, we suggest that you press "Ctrl + C" to copy the serial number or order email address and then press "Ctrl + V" to paste it to the registration box and then click Activate Now to activate the software.
If you forgot your serial number, you can use the following 3 ways to find your serial number again.
1) Email us and tell us your order numbers, full name, email address, and then we will send you the serial number.
2) Login Member Center and then you will find the serial number listed there.
3) Log on your Email Account to check your serial number because we send you the serial number when you finished the order.

2. Serial number or email address was in blacklist
If you receive this message, your serial number or email address was registered on multi-computers. Maybe they were stolen by others, please check and register again.

3. Invalid serial number
If you receive this message, please Upgrade ActivePcOptimizer for continued use.

4. Internet Connection Failure
If you receive this message, please check your Internet connection.

5. The fifth reason is that you haven’t registered ActivePcOptimizer
Please Register ActivePcOptimizer now and then use ActivePcOptimizer to fix errors and speed up your computer.

Instruction on how to activate Active PC Optimizer
If you have lost your serial number, please open the link below, and use your email address to login to get your serial number.
Also you can check your mail box to find the email from support@weskysoft.com, because an email that contains serial number was sent to you immediately after the transaction is complete.

Now please take the following steps to activate Active PC Optimizer (Do remember to make your computer connect with the Internet, so our server can check and confirm your serial number.)

  • 1. Open www.activepcoptimizer.com and click the download button to download Active PC Optimizer. The button would be like the one you see below.

  • Click to start download
    Tips: If you have downloaded and installed, please skip this step
  • 2. Launch Active PC Optimizer after installation.
  • 3. Click the button that says Register Now, and then a registration box will pop up.

  • Register Now button
  • 4. Copy the serial number above and paste it to the registration box.
  • 5. Click Activate Now button to activate Active PC Optimizer.

  • Click to activate Activate PC Optimizer

    If your still receive the message that says your serial number is invalid, please contact us via support@activepcoptimizer.com.
    For the new serial number request, do remember to include your Order Email Address & 8-Digital Number in your email, so we can issue new serial number and send to you ASAP!

    What does ActivePcOptimizer do?

    ActivePcOptimizer can check and fix the problems problems associated with the corruption of the Windows system, including: missing, broken or bad application and Windows paths and links; unwanted browser objects; unused Start Menu items; redundant Startup applications; unused drivers; ...and more!

    What is more, the ActivePcOptimizer can delete the unwanted system startup programs to speed up your PC and boost up system boot time.

    Will ActivePcOptimizer make a difference?
    Absolutely YES.
    The ActivePcOptimizer will scan and clean invalid system entries, defrag and tune up system; also it can remove unused startup applications to speed up your PC system.

    Easy System Status Check & Repair
    Easy to check invalid Windows system entries and repair them to avoid application failure, system freezing and related errors.

    Easy System Boot Time Speedup
    Disable unwanted system Startup Programs to speed up your PC and boost up your system boot time.

    Active System Clean and Backup
    Automatically clean system errors and back up system to increase system speed and maintain system stability.

    Active PC Cleaner and Optimizer
    Automatically scan, repair errors and optimize your PC. Your overall system performance will be improved.

    Easy Startup Programs Remover
    Easy to remove unused startup programs using Startup Manager to speed up system bootup.

    Do I have to be an expert to use ActivePcOptimizer?
    At Weskysoft Inc, we are renowned for building easy-to-use yet powerful utility products and ActivePcOptimizer is no exception. Regardless of your level computer literacy, you will find ActivePcOptimizer simple and intuitive.
    The principle behind ActivePcOptimizer is to provide our users with an easy to use program that can check and repair multi types of system problems and slow PC in a fast, effective and efficient way, also within 3 miutes.
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