How to use ActivePcOptimizer
• What is ActivePcOptimizer
• Feature Overview
How to Download
• For IE Browser
• For Firefox Browser
How to Scan and Repair
• Scanning your System
• Complete and Partial Scans
• Reparing your System
How to Backup and Restore
• System Backups
• System Restores
How to Defragment System
• System Defrags
• General Settings
The ActivePcOptimizer User Interface
• The Overview Screen
• The System Scan Screen
• The System Defrag Screen
• The Restore Screen
• The Settings Screen
General Settings
This is the default window, to access please click on the Settings tab, which allows you to edit various options.

A range of options are available:

Start ActivePcOptimizer when Windows starts
This setting enables you to have ActivePcOptimizer launch when the system starts.
Start automatic System scan when ActivePcOptimizer starts
This allows you to start scanning your System automatically as soon as ActivePcOptimizer launches.
Minimized in system tray
The options available in these drop-down menus allow you to configure how ActivePcOptimizer is closed or minimized.
There are other settings that you can use to optimize your system and improve its performance..
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