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About Weskysoft Inc.
The Weskysoft Inc. is a modern enterprise integrating science and technology, industry and trade.
We stick to the principles: "Provide users with simple programs that can check and fix multi types of computer problems and speed up their PCs in an effective way, within 3 minutes.".
Since it was founded in 2006 the Weskysoft Inc. has more than 3 million trusted and satisfied users across 70 countries. We provide our users with the top quality products to speed up their PCs and boost system performance.
Product Line
As a professional software development company, we have 5 programs that cover system maintenance, anti-virus, anti-malware, system optimization and system speedup, you can use to optimize your system, kill virus and malware, thus to improve your system performance.

Award-winning Active PC Optimizer to fix system errors and speed up your PC.
It is an automatic, powerful and comprehensive utilities to fix errors and speed up PC and boost up system boot time.

Job Openings
Are We Hiring?
We are always looking for top level talent to help us create easy-to-use and simple programs to fix computer problems and speed up PC systems.


Senior Software Engineers
Software UI Designers
Web Designers
Article and Content Writers
Customer Supporters
Application Designers

Weskysoft Inc. always has room for upward, if you want to be part of our company, please contact us via Support@Weskysoft.com.
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