What is ActivePcOptimizer?

ActivePcOptimizer is an easy-to-use and effective utility for speeding up your PC and boosting up your system boot time.

ActivePcOptimizer will CLEAN UP, TUNE UP & SPEED UP your Microsoft System. You can use it to...

Speed up Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 & 98
Boost up your PC System Boot Time
Fix Slow System Startup
Boost up System Performance
Remove Unused System Startup Programs
Manage Windows Startup Programs to Speed up Your PC
Clean & Fix System Errors
Automatically Scan & Back up Windows System
Restore your System to its Previous Working State
Defrag & Tune up Windows System
Fix System Errors & Speed up Your PC System
Scan & Clean Invalid System Entries
Remove Unused Programs from System Drive to Speed up Your PC
Remove Invalid System Entries that Cause Application Failure
Remove Corrupted System Entries
Fix Slow Media Play
Fix Slow Internet Access
Fix Slow File Access
Protect Privacy Data
Prevent Computer Freezing
Internet Explorer Errors
Fix Slow System Performance
Speed up Windows System Startup
Speed up Windows System Shutdown
Fix Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
Check ActiveX, OLE & COM Entries
Check False System Software Settings
Check Sounds & Application Events
Check MRU & History Lists
Check Invalid Help Files
Check False Shared Programs
Check Missing Startup Programs
Check Invalid Application Paths
Check Invalid File Associations
Check Invalid File Extensions
Check Missing Windows Fonts
Check Disabled System Services
Check Invalid Files and Fonts
Check Invalid Software Entries
Check Invalid Shortcuts

Weskysoft is proud to announce the release of the ActivePcOptimizer in five languages. English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Too many system startup programs, low memory, desktop icons, Anti-virus software, virus and malware, etc. will make your PC run slow.
PC takes over 10 minutes to start up
PC takes 5-10 minutes to shut down
IE takes over 30 seconds to open
Programs take 10 minutes to open
Click to Download ActivePcOptimizer and Fix Your Slow PC.
Speed up PC and Boost up System Startup
Auto Scan & Speed up PC
ActivePcOptimizer will auto scan, back up the Windows system and speed up your PC.

Keep System Clean
Remove invalid system entries and defrag system to make your system run faster.

Speed up Windows Startup

ActivePcOptimizer deletes unused startup programs to boost up system boot time.


Boost System Performance

ActivePcOptimizer is an easy to use and user friendly application that increase system performance.

Download ActivePcOptimizer now to Speed up Your PC and Boost up System Boot Time!
Enter ActivePcOptimizer Features Center to Know More...
Easy System Status Check & Repair

Easy to check invalid Windows system entries and repair them to avoid application failure, system freezing and related errors.

Easy System Boot Time Speedup

Disable unwanted system Startup Programs to speed up your PC and boost up your system boot time.

Active System Clean and Backup

Automatically clean system errors and back up system to increase pc speed and maintain system stability.


Active PC Cleaner and Optimizer

Automatically scan, repair errors and optimize your PC. Your overall system performance will be improved.

Easy Startup Programs Remover

Easy to remove unused startup programs using Startup Manager to speed up system bootup.

Easy Windows System Tuneup

Defrag and tune up system to speed up your PC system.
  Why use ActivePcOptimizer?

Using ActivePcOptimizer allows you to clean and fix system errors that cause application failure, system freezing and slowdowns, etc.. What is more it can remove unwanted system startup programs to speed up your PC and boost up system boot time.

The principle behind ActivePcOptimizer is to provide our users with an easy to use program that can check and repair multi types of system problems and slow PC in a fast, effective and efficient way, also within 3 miutes.
Download ActivePcOptimizer Now to Maximize your System Speed!

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